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UK Wood Working Distributor and Supplies Business Directory 
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A & A Joinery & Woodworking Ltd
A & C Joinery
A & C R Patchitt Partnership
A & K Joiners Ltd
A & M Contracts Ltd
A & W Gowers Limited
A A Joinery (Poole) Ltd
A A Taylor Ltd
A.J Buckle Joinery
A.J. Joinery Limited
A R Manley & Son Ltd
A Shotton Ltd
Abbey Joinery Ltd
ABS Joinery
Ackroyd & Abbott Ltd
Acre Joinery Ltd
Acrelane Joinery Limited
Adrian Eves
AJB Woodworking Ltd
Allan Binks Timber Ltd
Allan Brothers Ltd
Allenby's of Anwick Limited
Alpine Joinery Ltd
Altus Services Limited
AMBASS-A-DOOR Windows & Doors Ltd
Andrew Horner & Son Ltd
Andrew J. Ashworth Joinery Manufacturers
Andrew Milward Joinery
Andy Clarke Woodwork Design Manufacture & Installation Ltd
Anglia Joinery Ltd
Applewood Joinery Limited
Apton Partitioning Ltd
Arch Timber Protection
Architectural Joinery Workshop Ltd
Arden Group Ltd
Ardmore Group
Arnold Laver Timberworld
Ashbocking Joinery Ltd
Ashwood Joinery (UK) Ltd
Astroflame Fireseals Ltd
Awlwood Joinery (North Devon) Ltd
B A Haxby (Barnsley) Ltd
B Murphy & Co
B W May & Son Ltd
Badman & Badman (Joinery) Ltd
Baggeridge Joinery Limited
Banner Joinery Co Ltd
Barlow Joinery Ltd
Barratt & Swann
BC3 Limited
Beard Evans Joinery Ltd
Becker Acroma Ltd
Beesley & Fildes Ltd
Benlowe Group Ltd
Betec Joinery Ltd
Biglands Joinery Ltd
Blairs Limited
Blake Joinery Co. Ltd
Bono & Murphy Ltd
Bowater Building Products Ltd
Bowden & Tucker Joinery
Boyland Joinery Limited
Braeside Group
Brian Fell (Leven) Ltd
Brian W Magson
Bridgwater Joinery Limited
Briman Joinery Products
Brinard Joinery Ltd
Britannia Joinery Ltd
Brookdown Joinery Ltd
Browns Joinery
Bryan Gelder Joinery
Bryn Roberts Workshops Ltd
Brystewood Architectural Joinery Ltd
BSW Timber Plc
Burwood Joinery Ltd
C & W Berry Ltd
C C A S Joinery
C M Fair Joinery Contractors & Manufacturers
C.R. Hobby and Son
Camborne Joinery Ltd
Cambridge Joinery Ltd
Capitech Developments Ltd
Chappell & Dix Ltd
Charles Davis Joinery
Chelford Joinery Specialists
Chichester Joinery Ltd
Chiswick Woodworking Co Ltd
Chris Sandercock
CJS Joinery & Aerostructures Ltd
Classic Joinery (Midlands) Ltd
Clearwood UK
Clifton Joinery Limited
CMI Joinery
CNC Joinery Ltd
Cole Joinery
Conlon Construction Limited
Coulson Joinery Ltd
County Joinery (South East) Ltd
Court Davis Joinery Limited
Crichton James Joinery & Interiors Ltd
Cubby Construction Ltd
Cullum & Clarke (Joinery)
Cummings Joinery
Custom Joinery
Custom Wood Products
D & P Joinery Ltd
D J Gardner (Joinery) Ltd
D S Joinery (Urmston) Ltd
D W Green Joinery
Dacatie Building Solutions
Dalton Joinery Ltd
David Cover & Son Ltd
David Groom Joinery
Delta Joiners Ltd
Derek De'Ath Ltd
DGM Joinery
DK Joinery
Door and Joinery Solutions Ltd
Drayton Building Services Ltd
Drayton Windows
Dumbleton & Son (Joiners) Ltd
E O Tinson & Sons
E Thomas (Pant Joinery) Ltd
Eastfield Joinery
Eastfield Joinery (Lincoln)
Elvet Structures Ltd
Emco Joinery Ltd
Entire Solutions Ltd
Ernest J Harris & Sons Ltd
F & W Green (Keswick) Ltd
F A North (Carlton) Ltd
Fairmitre (Shropshire) Windows & Conservatories Ltd
Fairoak Timber Products Limited
Fairview Joinery Limited
Fallowfield Projects Ltd
Fleetwood Joinery Manufacturing Ltd
Forrest Joinery & Construction Contracts
Francis Construction Ltd
Frank R Pratt Limited
Franklin Joiners
Frecklington Joinery
Frederick J French
Frost Woodworking Limited
G & H Joinery
G D Woodworking Ltd
G E Carpentry Services Ltd
G Empson & Sons Ltd
G S Haydon & Son Ltd
G S Joinery
Garcia Timber Products Limited
Gary Bibby Joinery Limited
Gatewood Joinery
GBS Joinery
George Barnsdale & Sons Ltd
George Pearce & Sons
Glebe Joinery Ltd
Gloweth Limited
Glyngary Joinery Ltd
Goodwood Joinery
Gowland & Dawson Limited
Granton Joinery
Greenwich Glass & Joinery London Ltd
Gregory Property Services (Wales) Ltd
H & S Joinery Ltd
H & S Woodwork & Construction Limited
H B Lewis & Sons Ltd
Hadley Wood Joinery Ltd
Hailsham Joinery
Hall Brothers of Colchester Ltd
Hanson & Beards Ltd
Harborne Windows & Joinery
Hare & Levitt Ltd
Harrison Varma Joinery Ltd
Hawker Joinery Ltd
Hayman Construction Limited
Hazelwood Joinery (Cardiff) Ltd
HB Traditional Joinery
Herbert T Forrest Ltd
Hodgson Construction (Kirkbampton) Ltd
Hollways Doors & Frames Ltd
Holme Valley Joinery Ltd
Homecrafts (Brigg) Ltd
Houghton Joinery
Houghtons of York
Howard + Mason Ltd
Howarth Windows & Doors Ltd
HPD Joinery
Humberstone & Pulford Builders Ltd
I D Products Ltd
Icklesham Joinery Ltd
Image Joinery (Proline Building Co Ltd)
Inner World
Install Direct Ltd
Intawood Ltd
J Churchill Construction Ltd
J Hodson & Son Ltd
J.J. Gurney & Sons Ltd
J L Joinery Ltd
J P Charles + Sons Ltd,
J Phillips & Sons Ltd
J S Hay Ltd
J.T. Ward Joinery Limited
J W Taylor Ltd
Jack Fielden Joiners Ltd
Jacowe Joinery Ltd
James Ratford Bridge Ltd
JCK Joinery
JDH Building Limited
JELD-WEN UK Ltd Windows and Stairs Group
Jet Joinery Supplies Limited
John C Lillywhite Ltd
John Turner & Sons (Preston) Ltd
John Watson Joinery Ltd
K & D Joinery Ltd
K L Joinery - Gilbert Brothers Construction
Keencraft (Leicester) Ltd
Keith Brown Jonery Limited
Keith Preston Joinery Co. Ltd
Kenelm Joinery
Kestrel Joinery Company Ltd
Kettle of Fish Designs Limited
Kingerlee Ltd
Kingswood Joinery
Kirkland Kitchens & Joinery Co.
Koed Joinery Products Ltd
KSW T/A Swindon Woodworking Co Ltd
L & R Unique Furniture and Joinery Limited
L.B. Joinery Limited
L.W. Wedd & Son Ltd
Ladymead Joinery Ltd
Lambert Gill Ltd
Lancaster Dransfield Contracts Ltd
Leach & Clegg Ltd
Leisureline Joinery Ltd
Lift Cars & Co. Ltd T/A Cavendish Joinery
Littlewoods Joinery Ltd
Lloyd Woodworking Ltd
Loewen Windows
Lol Summers Joinery Ltd
Longwood Joinery Ltd
Lorient Polyproducts Ltd
M & A Joinery Limited
M A Products Limited
M H Joinery Products Plc
M J Mellor Joinery & Building Services
M S Oakes Joinery Ltd
M Y Joinery
M.A.R.S. Joinery Limited
Magnet Limited
Manchester Doors & Cubicles Ltd
Mann McGowan Group
Manorside Joinery Ltd
Maplestead Ltd
Mark Buckley Joinery
Mark Jukes Woodworking Ltd
Martin Thompson Joinery Ltd
Masson Joinery Ltd
Merrin Joinery
Michael Pepper Joinery Ltd
Midland Building Products Ltd
Midland Mouldings Limited
Monarch Joinery Ltd
Moushill Contractors (Southern) Ltd
Multiwood Home Improvements Ltd
Mumford & Wood Ltd
Mustang Joinery Limited
MWC Holdings Ltd
Nicholson Carpentry & Joinery Limited
Nick Mitchell Carpentry
Norray Joinery Ltd
North Wales Joinery Manufacturers Ltd
North West Timber Products Ltd
Norton Joinery Limited
Nottage Joinery Limited
O N Davis Builder & Joinery Manufacturer
Oakwrights Bath Ltd
Olympus Bespoke Joinery Ltd
One Step Joinery Limited
Original Windows Ltd
Osmose UK
Ottima (Specialist Joinery & Furniture) Ltd
Oulton Joinery Ltd
Oxman & Walker
Pacegrade Ltd
Paling Joiners
Park Farm Joinery
Park Way Joinery Limited
Parker & Highland Joinery Ltd
Parsons Group Joinery
Parsons Joinery Ltd
Patchett Homes Ltd
Period & Modern Joinery
Peter Barker Joinery
Pexhurst Services Limited
Phillips Joinery Ltd
Piper Cox Joinery Ltd
Preferred Joinery Ltd
Prestige Timber Windows Ltd
R & M Joinery
R Baron Ltd
R H Chappelow
R M Jones Joinery
R T A Joinery Ltd
R Taylor Joinery Limited
Ray Delbridge (Minehead) Ltd
Rhones Joinery (Wrexham) Ltd
Richard A Cornthwaite
Ridgeway Joinery Company Limited
Ridon Joinery Limited
Riverside Joinery
Robinson & Sawdon Limited
Rok Building Ltd
Ron Bullock Building Contractors Ltd
Rooksbridge Windows Limited
RPT Joinery Ltd
Rudd Joinery Ltd
S H N Joinery Ltd
S Taylor & Son
S W Bruce & Co Ltd
S.C. Moore (Joinery) Ltd
Safewood Construction Limited T/A C B Solutions
Sanderson Brothers
Sandiford Son + Bannister Ltd
Sashless Window Co Ltd
SCA Timber Supply Ltd
SDM Joinery (UK) Ltd
Seyer Joinery Ltd
SFJ (Lancashire) Limited
Shapet Joinery Limited
Shaws Joinery Limited
Siegenia-Aubi Limited
Smith & Choyce Ltd
Smith & Jones Joinery Ltd
Snowdon Joinery Ltd
Somerton Joinery Ltd
Sonneborn & Rieck Ltd
Specialist Joinery (South) Ltd T/A Westgate Joinery, Hailsham Joinery & The Gree
SPS Timber Windows
STP Timber Products Ltd
Straightline Construction
Strata (Double Glazing & Joinery Centre) Ltd
Suffolk & Essex Joinery Limited
Sylvan Joinery
T J Evers Ltd
T J Joinery
T M Taylor Ltd
T.J.A.S Joinery Manufacturer Ltd
Tate Joinery Limited
Teknos (UK) Limited
Thame Joinery Company
The Green-Wood Company
The Joinery Ltd
The Joinery Shop
The Real Door Company
The Regent Joinery Works
Theaker Joinery Limited
Thomas Armstrong (Construction) Ltd
Thomas Brothers Joinery
Thomas Carpentry Services Ltd
Thomas Winstanley & Son Ltd
Thurston Building Supplies Ltd
Timber Windows Limited
Titchfield Windows & Conservatories Ltd
Titon Hardware Ltd
Todd Doors Limited
Tompkins Ltd
Total Joinery Solutions
Trionic Joinery Building Company Limited
United Windows & Glazing Ltd
V.A.Marriott Ltd
V.D.S, Joinery Limited
Vale of Wigan Ltd
W D Stant Ltd
Walden & Son (Henley) Ltd
Waller (Yorkshire) Limited
Ward Joinery
Welland Timber Products Ltd
Wessex Intumescent Supplies Limited
Wessex Restoration Ltd
West Bridgeford Joinery
West End Cabinet Company Ltd
West Oak Joinery Ltd
Westgate Joinery
Whitaker & Co (Denholme) Ltd
Whitehart Joinery Ltd
Wilkinson Joinery Ltd
Winchester Joinery Ltd
Windows, Stairs & Doors Ltd
Winston Joinery Limited
Wm Halliday Joinery & Building Contractors
Wood & Laycock
Wood Hill Joinery Ltd
Wood Newton Limited
Woodbase Joiners Ltd
Woodley's Joinery Ltd
Yeo Valley Joinery Company Ltd
Yoxall Joinery Ltd
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