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British Construction Equipment & Supplies  Supplier and Provider
UK Country Code +44

Theale Cross 
Town Reading 
County Berkshire 
RG31 7SP 
United Kingdom 

Phone +44 (0)118 9323123 
Fax +44 (0)118 9323302  

Within the SPP range of products, the AUTOPRIME product group is designed to serve the specific market sector of portable contractors pumps. Designed and manufactured in the UK, the Autoprime range is sold throughout the world to a wide range of Civil Engineering Contractors, End-users and Plant Rental companies.

The Autoprime products are used for a myriad of applications characterised by the need to provide a flexible and easy to install pumping solution. In general they are diesel engine driven, used outdoors and subjected to a demanding and harsh operating regime. Units must be fully automatic and capable of round the clock operation with minimum maintenance requirements a prerequisite. Although predominantly pumping “ground water”, units also have to cope with a variety of more difficult liquids such as waste effluent, seawater, abrasive slurries and sludge. Often units are installed close to suburban areas where noise pollution is outlawed and effective sound attenuation is therefore essential. Within the Chemical and Petrochemical industries portable units can also be subjected to further demands such as having to operate in Hazardous Areas. With such a wide marketing specification the Autoprime products need to be an extremely versatile and durable design.

At the heart of the Autoprime range is the recently introduced flagship product known as the Q-Series. The development of this range was a "clean sheet of paper" exercise aimed at crating a significant step change in performance and marketing appeal, and also paving the way to meet predicted future legislation and market demands.

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