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British Construction Equipment & Supplies  Supplier and Provider
UK Country Code +44

200 Hastings Road 
Town Leicester 
LE5 0HL 
United Kingdom 

Phone +44 (0)116 276 8558 
Fax +44 (0)116 274 1954  

From its inception in the 1970’s nylacast has become synonymous with innovation, quality and technical excellence in plastic material development and its applications, none more so than in the construction industries.

From its earliest days nylacast has led the world in the development and application of lubricated nylons by economically replacing the more traditional materials of brasses, bronzes and steels and the need to constantly lubricate sliding surfaces.

Today its vast range of standard and specialist materials, in particular the prominent red colour of Nylube, can be found on the worlds construction equipment. Whether its wear pads for telescopic booms and extending dippers, thrust washers, slewing rings, articulation bushes, gears, or outrigger supports pads for the largest cranes. Indeed anywhere that requires a high load bearing, high impact, low friction material that does not deteriorate, rust or change properties during its extended life.

Nylacast prides itself in being at the forefront of technology, innovation and application. We freely offer our expertise in all of these fields to solve today’s problems and tomorrows developments.

To assist our customers in establishing a "one stop shop" we now also offer components in other materials to compliment those already supplied, typical examples are finished machined steel parts, small welded fabrications and assemblies

Quality is considered to be a critical factor in the success of nylacast we therefore work within the framework of ISO 9000 / 2000. Where required we offer P.P.A.P., ISIR, control plans etc.

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