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British Construction Equipment & Supplies  Supplier and Provider
UK Country Code +44

Southview Road 
Town Wadhurst 
County East Sussex 
TN5 6TP 
United Kingdom 

Phone +44 (0)1892 784088 
Fax +44 (0)1892 784086  

The need for a global construction magazine has never been greater. With an annual output in excess of US$ 3.5 trillion, construction is both the world’s largest industry and also its largest employer. Moreover, today’s climate of globalisation means construction companies are not only working outside their national boarders, but increasingly on different continents. The need for complex, large-scale infrastructure projects around the world has lead to the formation of a new breed of contracting company, and in-turn these companies have a need for information not readily available in domestic, regional or niche magazines.

A new, structured approach to the market will allow International Construction to fill that information gap. Rather than trying to be ‘all things to all men’, editorial content in IC will be tailored to the needs of senior executives and equipment specifiers in large multinational construction companies, as well as key decision-makers in developing nations’ large domestic contractors.

Emphasis will be placed on large-scale construction and civil engineering - the types of project undertaken by large multi-nationals in partnership with local contractors. Regular sections of the magazine will report on global issues relevant to the construction industry alongside significant regional news and developments. 

Contributions from the sector’s key trade associations, site reports, new equipment profiles, in-depth news reports and prestigious interviews will form integral parts of each month’s coverage. In addition, a carefully structured editorial programme will provide authoritative coverage on a range of issues throughout the year. Monthly Regional Reports will provide succinct, industry-specific information including construction indicators, statistics, forecasts, and significant policy developments. 

Sector Focuses will take an in-depth look at construction’s most important sub-sectors such as road building, concrete construction and tunnelling, while Equipment Profiles will review the latest developments in key machine types - excavators, wheel loaders and crawler cranes among others. 

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