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British Construction Equipment & Supplies  Supplier and Provider
UK Country Code +44

10 Whittle Road 
Ferndown Industrial Estate 
Town Wimborne 
County Dorset 
BH21 7RU 
United Kingdom 

Phone +44 (0)1202 861 961 
Fax +44 (0)1202 861 361  

Established in 1992, GKD Technik specialises in electronic safety systems for machinery used in the construction industry, the rail industry and transportation vehicle industry.

The company designs, manufactures and supports all types of measuring, control and monitoring electronic systems used to protect equipment/machinery and/or personnel from overloading and/or overstraining stresses. These products provide the protection and warnings required when overloading outside of the machinery manufacturers' specifications, by safety legislations around the world and the Machinery Directive within Europe (98/37/EC). With this in mind GKD Technik developed the BACS (Boom Angle Compensation System) RCI for the hydraulic knuckle-boom cranes. This is a Rated Capacity Indicator with audible and visual warnings that meet the European Directive to inform the operator not only when the maximum rated capacity of the crane is exceeded but also upon approaching it. 

The GKD RCI BACS also indicates the SWL (Safety Working Load range) at 50% and 75% of the maximum rated capacity of the crane during lifting operations. This device is very successful with over 2500 installations worldwide to date. The system provides 2 display units - one for the main operator station and the second display for the secondary operator station. Installation and calibration are very straightforward and it needs to be calibrated only once upon installation.

Road Rail:- The GKD 3RCI system is specifically designed for Road Rail safe lifting and transporting heavy machinery.

GKD also manufacture and supply TMI (Total Moment Indicator systems) and Height Limit indicators. These devices can be combined into one system to perform TMI and Height Limit monitoring, warning and control. The Height Limit device ensures that the boom/dipper/bucket combination can be inhibited by external controls to safeguard machinery/personnel/construction, for example in confined spaces such as under bridge work, underground, mezzanine floors, etc. In other words, the Height Limit device can be used to indicate, warn and/or stop the boom/dipper/bucket from being raised above a set height. Designed, Tested and Certified to EN13309
Mobile Construction Equipment Legislation and EN ISO 7637-2 Voltage Transients

GKD also design, manufacture or supply the following products:

- Stabilisers Stowage Warning panel instrument

- Cable Winch Data Logger (monitors cable laying operations)

- BridgeSafe (instrument mounted in the cab of high sided vehicles to warn the driver on approaching low bridges that will not clear the height of the vehicle)

- 'Easy DIG' Dig Profiler - Digging aid instrumentation for use on excavators and/or Dredgers to provide information and measurement of digging depth and slope. There are several systems in this range referred to as the EASY DIG systems that include GPS systems.

- Stress and Strain Measurement 

- Lift Overload Electronic Warning and Protection systems.

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