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British Construction Equipment & Supplies  Supplier and Provider
UK Country Code +44

Yarm Road 
Town Darlington 
County Co. Durham 
DL1 4PW 
United Kingdom 

Phone +44 (0)1327 886464 
Fax +44 (0)870 241 3180

Cummins diesel engines for industrial equipment range from 23-2610 kW, offering unrivalled choice for equipment manufacturers and customers. All are built with the strength and reliability for which Cummins is renowned, and are fully backed by the 
world's largest parts and service network with more than 5000 locations worldwide. 

The new A Series, Cummins smallest-ever engine, offers a significant new choice for manufacturers of compact and mini-equipment. In space-constrained applications, these three- and four-cylinder engines provide an ideal solution thanks to a high power density within a compact envelope.

Cummins component technology companies, subsidiaries, alliances and relationships with universities and laboratories put the company in the unique position to design, manufacture and implement the best emission solutions for the construction market. 
This aim is to provide the right technology whilst providing the highest levels of reliability, durablilty, performance and the lowest cost of operation. Using advanced in-cylinder technology, Cummins is able to provide stable equipment architecture through to 2015 and beyond. The Tier 3 / Stage 3a engines will meet the Tier 4 / Stage 4 with the addition of exhaust after treatment. This long term strategy allows Cummins to provide Construction equipment manufacturers and users with engines they can depend on.

Cummins Inc. is the world's largest independent manufacturer of diesel engines. A substantial manufacturing presence in the UK includes the mid-range engine plant at Darlington and the high horsepower engine plant at Daventry. 

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